Monday, November 30, 2009

Top Search: Cyber Monday

Even though all of the holiday sales are supposed to be over with the passing of Black Friday (and apparently Black Saturday and Sunday as well), there are still numerous amounts of sales going on. But instead of these sales being in actual retail stores, it is the retail stores online sales that are all the rage this morning. Cyber Monday is taking over every Christmas shoppers pocketbook, and it might have even gotten a grasp on yours...probably five minutes ago or within the next half hour.

Isn't Cyber Monday just the best thing. Christmas is coming, jobs are being lost, the economy is crashing to a devastating degree every minute. It's all so joyous. Of course I think it is a great idea that people are going out and spending their hard earned funds on HDTVs and expensive jewelry that they may have to pawn later. What extravagance! How amazing it is when people are in a recession and everyone takes it lightly.

I myself can't feel guilty for buying a Venti Vanilla Cappuccino from my local Starbucks without cringing about how empty my wallet is. There's no money. There's no money and there's no jobs. There's no money, no jobs, but sales sales sales are booming! Spend $50 and get free shipping at Target! Spend over $100 at UGG Australia and get free shipping! A $75 online order from will get you free shipping! But shipping isn't a sale! Free shipping is simply a way to get you to spend money and make you feel like you're not really spending any because it's free to get it shipped to your home by the time Christmas rolls around. That's not a sale people. That's just persuasion and manipulation. That's marketing. That's great advertising. That's a fuel to each individuals personal recession.

I know it's so much fun to shop. But think about how much more fun it will be to shop when you don't have a dime to spend! Cyber Monday is the best Monday of the year! Helping you empty your already empty wallet!

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  1. Thanks for the information.May be I should do some shopping online today and also make some many!!
    - Kumar