Monday, December 14, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 [[VS]] Reality

The only thing I know about Predator Drones is that it's really great when my fiance gets them from killing enough people in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 because he gets to kill even more people! That sounds great for a video game, but in real life it just sounds like murder to me.

Predator Drone Aircraft

I know that we have issues overseas; okay, maybe more than just some 'issues'. In this article, The Drone Dilemma, featured on Newsweek, the Obama Administration talk about possibly expanding their use of Predator Drones over more densely populated areas of Pakistan. Previous use of the missiles have been successful and some officials think it would be a great idea to start wiping out more people with them. President Obama is a little hesistant though.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Predator Drone Set Up

In case you don't know exactly what a Predator Drone is, it's a CIA search and destroy program that launches missiles from a remotely piloted drone aircraft. And, if the damage that it does in the video game is similar to the damage it can do in reality, a lot if people can die even if they are just in the proximity of where it lands. Obama is worried about killing more civilians for unnecessary reasons, which I think is comendable. I know certain people need to be 'taken care of', but not everyone in Pakistan is a terrorist.

The Predator Drones have succeeded in killing some top people in leadership positions for the Taliban and getting rid of some experts who know about 'weapons of mass destruction' (which should just be called bombs, or nukes, or whatever). I'm sure that makes Americans feel a little bit safer. But you have to think of all those poor women and children who have lost members of their family who may be in a direct line of fire without even knowing about it. We are talking about exterminating human beings like they were cockroaches. It's like taking that aerosol can of Raid and spraying it on a helpless ant colony. Ants can't do anything but walk around and try to feed themselves, while doing some occasional breeding. The innocent people of Pakistan who are going to get hit with that Predator Drone are like those ants: helpless, self-sufficient, and occasional breeders. Their just like us in a way, except we haven't foreseen any missiles coming our way without warning. We may be giving the Taliban some ideas though!

Predator Drone Missile

I'm not saying that using the Predator Drones is a bad idea, but it is a definite risk of just making matters worse. If more people are killed, more people who were attached to someone not involved in this mess, more people are going to get angry. If not angry, more people are going to get violent. But I'm not one for politics or weaponry or making decisions on who lives or dies. Apparently, that's the governments job. I'm just a writer.

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